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Need Lights? 

Take your golf cart game to the next level by adding a brand new look and style to your cart with the unique and visually stunning, Expandable Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody Light Kit!



LED Glow’s Multi-Color Golf Cart LED Lights give you the choice of a nearly unlimited amount of color combinations through their Million Color feature. With a base underbody kit, you can create your own fully customized under glow to accentuate your golf cart. And as the sun goes down, your vehicle will be completely transformed with radiant LED accent lighting. Experience other unique features such as flashing, fade, and sound-activation modes to round out the many interactive options available with these golf cart LED light kits. LED Glow also has a 1-year warranty on their products.

Expandable Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody Light Kit


* Price includes installation

Add On Options: 

  • Million color golf cart interior lights

  • Million color golf cart wheel well lights

  • Million color golf cart canopy & interior lights 

* Must purchase Expandable million color golf cart under body light kit to purchase add on options.

If you have any questions please give us a call for more information at 830-816-2500

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