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Need a Charger? 

Is it time for a new charger? We've got you covered with two incredible brands. 


The Charge Plus


ChargePlus: $487.00

(Pigtail included) 

For just a pigtail: $67.00

*tax not included

Charge Plus Information

Another great feature!

If you purchase a different golf cart you won't need to worry and go and get another charger! With the charge plus you have the option to purchase just a pigtail that fits the golf cart you have! 

  • Begin a charge cycle with batteries as low as 2 volts 

  • Light weight and portable with a convenient handle

  • Easy to read red, yellow, green lights that indicate the charging state

  • User manual with troubleshooting codes

  • 2 year warranty

  • Has a float feature that allows the batteries to maintain a full charge at the end of each charge cycle

  • Standard SD50 DC connector or you can choose the correct cable for various golf carts

  • Available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 Volts 

  • Set to flooded lead-acid batteries (AGM or gel settings available by request) 

  • UL approved 


Pro Charging Systems 
Eagle Performance Series 


Pro Charging Systems Eagle Performance Series

  • Dual 36/48 Volt

  • Easy Installation!

  • “Plug ‘N Play” Technology

  • Unmatched Performance, Reliability, Safety and Quality

  • PROVolt™—Intuitive 5 Stage Charge Technology with advanced charging algorithms

  • Pigtail Included

  • Compatible with Pro Charging Systems Battery Fuel Gauges

  • Charger used at Omni Golf Carts!

Pro Charging Systems Dual Volt Charger

$450 plus tax

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