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2023 E-Emerge E2 SS Coupe

2 Passenger

Sterling Grey/Black Cool Touch Bench Seat

Back-lit headliner w/ Bluetooth® stereo and dome lights

Evolve Lithium Battery

14-inch alloy wheels with steel-belted radial tires

Acrylic Split Windshield

Golf Bag attachment


2023 E-Emerge E2 SS Coupe

SKU: 11131
  • LSV-compliant
    Pedestrian Warning System
    3-Point Seat Belts
    4-wheel hydraulic brakes (front disk & rear drum)
    Automatic Parking Brake
    Automotive locking steering column
    LED headlights
    High/Low Beam
    High/Low Forward Speed
    Self-canceling turn signals with horn
    DOT-approved AS1 glass windshield
    Fully-integrated rearview camera
    Dual backlit side mirrors with illuminated turn signals
    7-inch Advanced Instrument Panel (speedometer, tachometer, odometer, battery capacity, gear indicator & rearview camera)
    LED emergency, roof and rear brake lights
    Windshield wiper
    Dual locking glove boxes
    Rear locking storage trunk
    Personal unique key
    E-coated and painted tubular steel frame
    Frame-mounted, tubular steel Tip Over Structure (TOPS)

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